Critical Acclaim

“Just finished this contemporary adventure story and I am filled with awe—the detail, historical accuracy, landscape description, and plot drivers are truly remarkable. What a thrill ride through the breathtaking Escalante wilderness in southern Utah.”  —Dr. Ken Laller, La Mesa, CA


“Recently I returned from southwestern Utah where this novel derives its gravitas and energy. This dramatic region draped in every imaginable color and hue, defined by varied landscapes and rough and tumble Mormon history is a place like no other. Blending well with this kaleidoscope of color, texture, and history the emotional and philosophical wanderings of the young protagonist in this adult adventure pull you in tightly and do not let go until the final pages of the novel. Howling at the Moon is destined to be a classic.”    –H.W. Campbell, Ed.D., Wilmington, N.C.


“Howling at the Moon is a staggeringly ambitious project.  Its encyclopedic scope is daunting.  Its many geographical and historical excursions are by far the best reading.  The narrative wobbles under the weight of all this information in a way that reminds me of how the account of Leopold Bloom’s day in Joyce’s Ulysses all but disappears under the weight of all the secondary (to the story) information Joyce packs in.  One doesn’t read Ulysses to find out what happens to Bloom, one reads it to marvel at how Joyce, among many other things, works the history of the English language into the story of Bloom wandering through Dublin mournfully mulling over his wife’s indiscretions…I was most engaged by the story when Randy gets trapped by the flash flood and discovers Ruess’s journal in the little cave.  Though one has to mightily suspend one’s disbelief at the coincidence of Randy landing in the cave where Ruess died, the sympathetic resonance between Randy’s character and Ruess’s made for good reading.”  –Fred Nichols, Sacramento, CA